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Crónica Maratón Nueva York

Iñaki nos cuenta en primera persona su experiencia en el maratón más emblemático del mundo.

Y en perfecto American English.

I am IN. I’ve got a bib for the NY marathon 2011. And I am running with my friends of “42195.es”, a sport team that born to achieve people run the marathon of New York - the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Thanks for your help in New York! 

I run with a blue bib so I can start the run into the first cage, but I prefer to start in the orange cage with a group of 42195 runners. I think the orange cage is better than start with the elite runners. It is sure that you will start faster than you should, and, in a marathon, if you can not resist this kind of temptation you will pay for it.

All the runners of the 42195 group (57!) had got up early: at 5am. Two buses carry us from the Hotel to Verrazano Bridge but to wait the start here is not bad. It is funny because you are with your 42195 team.
-    You share your feelings: It is my first time, do not worry I have run 8 times and I feel as the first time, I hope my leg can take the whole run…
-    You share your dreams: I want finish in 3:30, I want 3:40. I want only to finish…
-    You share your knowledge about drink and food before the run: - Be careful with the Hotel’s orange juice, it should be a good laxative, does anybody want a piece of power bar?, go for a tea or a coffee!…
-    and of course your share a lot of funny comments about the clothes used to not feel the cold: you are very smart with the Dunkin hat! Oh yea and you are like a Mexican wearing this old blanket!  

9:35 am. The Organization announced “Five minutes to go!” over the loud-speakers. It’s time to the national anthem. Finally, it sounds a cannon-shot and Frank Sinatra songs “New York, New York”.

It is a beautiful day. It couldn’t be better. No wind - Sun’s shinning – Perfect! First miles have gone. Speak with your team. Great another 42195 teammates (there are 57 runners that belongs to 42195.es club). Enjoy the run. 


There is a fluid station every mile. People offering food: chocolate, orange pieces or banana. A million people cheer you up. Musician groups with different styles: gospel, country, rock, rap… It is amazing.

The 42195 group splits up, somebody pulls, somebody stays. I am alone. It is only 3 miles to finish. Thinking in miles cheers me up. Three is few. Three is nothing. Three miles. Only three miles.

Only three miles but each mile is difficult. I realize that I am running very slowly. How envy runners faster than you. But it is a comfort to see other runners that are walking.  You calculate the time to the finish mentally. And you deceive yourself saying “I can run each mile in 8:20” “I can finish in less than a half hour”. You’re so naive!

But you lie because you need a low calculation. You want to finish as soon as possible. You are tired. You are terribly tired. You want to finish. You want to cross the finish line.
And finally YOU CROSS the finish line. 3hours, 51minutes, that’s fine. You have achieved your dream. You’re finisher. This dream will charge our life with positive energy. Sure!

In spite of the dead tired. In spite of the exhausting walk to find your bag with your extra clothes. In spite of the sensation that you are a zombie carrying a heavy provisioning bag. In spite of… You’ll never forget the NY marathon!

 ¿Que vas a hacer el próximo 4 de noviembre de 2012?


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